Where do our prime ministers get elected from?

A quick, rough look at where our PMs have been getting elected from in the past. Also, an interesting candidate who’s standing in the 2014 elections from that place.

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14 different PMs from 1952

From the Lower House

11 of them from the Lok Sabha. Here are the states from where they have fielded themselves

Andhra 2
Gujarat 2
UP 13

From the Upper House

Assam 2
Karnataka 1
Punjab 1

Uttar Pradesh (UP) is to our PMs like how Ohio is to U.S. Presidents. Surat and Nandyal remain the only constituencies outside UP from where Indian PMs have been elected to power.

The online link of this article for Hindustan Times can be found here

The last time I saw Landmark

Very nice take on Landmark bookstore (Apex Plaza) closing down.

The Lowly Laureate

Whenever something shuts shop, the memories associated with that something swell out, that is only natural. Because memories need not be rational, this is some loss however.
One thing I realised that, we can continue to have the memories even if the source of those memories has shut down or changed course, because basically these are our memories and we can construct them however and whenever we wish to, immaterial of conditions. So basically this is not a nostalgia piece, but masquerading as one.
I do not know how my generation spent their birthdays; mine was always at Landmark Nungambakkam. Weekdays or weekend whenever it came, didn’t matter; it was the unspoken norm, lunch and dinner also didn’t matter. It wasn’t that we returned with a kart load of books, maybe just one or two.
Landmark Nungambakkam was my first idea of what a bookstore should be, a major introduction…

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